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Pneu été offrant une performance optimale sans compromettre la sécurité ni le confort de conduite

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Pneu été offrant une performance optimale sans compromettre la sécurité ni le confort de conduite

Le pneu été Nokian Tyres Rotiiva AT (All Terrain) a un excellent comportement sur l’asphalte, mais il se prête aussi à une conduite occasionnelle hors route. Il offre une bonne durabilité, y compris sur les véhicules lourds.

Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
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Rotiiva AT

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Saved my life probably

Hotrodjoe • 2 ans il y a

I always buy good tires it's either Nokian , Michelin , or Continetal DWS 06 on Mustang GT it was a blowout rainstorm and on freeway in my Toyota FJ TT modified they all start locking up brakes the nokian stop on a dime with 9 cents change !

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It all depends on where you live and your driving conditions

jules • 2 ans il y a

Bought them in 2014 as an alternative to swapping tires during seasons. Now, I know AT's are noisier than HT tires, but did not expect them to be that noisy straight out of the shop, you hear the rumble starting at about 35 km/h, and gets significantly worse with wear. Great snow performance, very comfortable ride (except for noise), ice performance no better than an all season tire and maybe even a bit worse. I went back to swapping winter to summer, using the rotiivas for summer. I estimate about 60000km's on the tires, over 6 seasons, wear indicator still showed 40 percent, significant wobble at 40 km/h not due to balancing or car trouble (slipped belts?) or abusive use, so removed tires and installed winter tires, and back to using my all seasons for the summer. It's now like I have a brand new SUV............No noise, no wobble, I now hear my engine and my radio volume is 30% lower. I suppose these tires are fine for rural applications, but if you live in the city where ice is a problem and highway driving is the norm, this equipment may not be suitable. So, I will still recommend but only with the above mentioned conditions kept in mind.

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Exactly what i wanted

[email protected] • 2 ans il y a

bought these today. not winter tested yet. put on a honda odyssey van and they make it look great. they are just as quiet if not slighly quieter than the michelin x ice that i replaced. I use van on highway and gravel and these are pretty much perfect

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Tire worked well for intended purpose but wear was odd

69velle • 3 ans il y a

Bought the tires 3 years ago and put 25k miles on the tires and still have 60%+ of tread wear left. I needed a tire that could handle Southern California heat and towing a small fifth wheel while doubling duty in the winter for once a month ski trips to mammoth without requiring chains for moderate snowfall. I’m happy to say the tire did exactly that and am very happy with the functional performance of the tire. My issue is that at 25k miles the outer treads were losing chunks of rubber and one sidewall had odd vertical cracks at the bead and middle. I rotated the tires at every oil change and aligned the truck at least once, if not twice in those 25k miles. The retailer will be sending the tires in for warranty review and we’ll see what is said. I decided to switch to a different brand at this point but will reconsider future purchases based on warranty feedback. This is the 3rd set of Nokian I have purchased for various vehicles and am a bit disappointed on this one.

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BEST WINTER (or all around) TIRES....EVER!!!!

CGN37SOCAR • 3 ans il y a

This is the 2nd set of Rotiivas I’ve had on my 2009 Honda Pilot, and working on it’s 3rd soon! I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone who wants the piece of mind and Confidence in EVERY driving condition, but especially adverse! Not a better set of “rubber” (silicon) made for ANY vehicle, BAR NONE! I stake my life on my tires and these will be there for you every time!!

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Have had them roughly 10k miles........happy.

Didier1968 • 3 ans il y a

Bought them for my 2000 GMC Yukon XL roughly a year a go. Road noise is a bit to get used to , but not enough to whine about. I use my Yukon to haul my three kiddos around, (yes it's big, and very heavy) and safety is my only concern. These grab the road, and gravel as if their testicles depended on it! Only wish local retailers didnt sell them for 50-80% more than Amzon!

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Great All Around AT Tire

Dakster • 3 ans il y a

Bought these several months ago to replace my worn out Michelin tires for my F350 and get summer treads - So far very impressed with the tires. They ride good and have great wet weather traction. I always seemed to spin the MIchelin's and even my studded Firestones where these do not. They are wearing good as well. This is the second set of Nokian tires I have bought - first one was Studded R9s on a SUV and those were so good in ice/snow I had to get AT summer tires. Nokian is my new favorite tire company. I just wish I found them earlier.

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Worst tire I've had in over 40 years

tyndallAFB • 4 ans il y a

After owning a set of Vatiiva's, which were one of the best tires I've ever had, I opted for the Rotiiva for something a little quieter and winter rated. Big mistake. They actually had worse traction on ice than the aggressive mud tire. In snow I had to be in 4wd in areas where even my stock, oem street tires would take me in 2wd. And to add insult to injury, all the tires are cracked badly after only four years on a vehicle that spends most of it's time in a garage, out of the sun. These are bad enough to make me reconsider ever owning Nokians again.

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Raber008 • 4 ans il y a

I bought a set of four Nokian Rotiiva At tires in 2015 and had them mounted on steel rims for the 2012 Toyota Tacoma I had at the time. After that, I owned a 2016 and then a 2019 Tacoma and kept this set of wheels for winter time. Put some 20,000 km on them and they show little sign of wear. Maybe not the best in the mud or very deep snow, but very performing in the average road conditions we have here in southern Québec. Quiet and very comfortable to ride.

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Great snow traction and super quiet

Radioactiveboyscout • 5 ans il y a

Mounted a set of pizza cutters (235/85r16s) on my Jeep Rubicon. These have not let me down going from 3000 to 6000 ft on my daily commute. Most recently I made the climb to home in 8 inches of snow. I have no doubt they can do it in even deeper snow. Two major improvements over the BFGs that they replaced: 1 Road noise is non-existent and 2 the notorious Jeep death wobble is gone owing to their ease of balancing. Wear has been excellent too. Props to Nokian for a great AT tire.

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Solidité unique

La gomme des parois latérales contiennent des fibres en aramide discontinues extrêmement résistantes. Ce même matériau est déjà utilisé par l'industrie aéronautique et militaire. Les fibres d'aramide renforcent énormément la paroi latérale qui résiste ainsi mieux aux dommages et aux entailles.


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Les stabilisateurs du pavé central rigidifient le pneu et assurent une excellente stabilité de conduite et une grande réactivité aux changements de direction.


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La lamellisation 3D confère davantage de stabilité au pneu et en améliore le comportement routier.


Usure plus lente, davantage de kilomètres

Les pavés de refroidissement conformés sur l’épaulement du pneu accroissent le confort et ralentissent l’usure du pneu, ce qui se traduit par un kilométrage plus élevé.


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