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Un pneu été qui offre une performance durable sans compromettre la sécurité ni le confort de conduite

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Un pneu été qui offre une performance durable sans compromettre la sécurité ni le confort de conduite.

Le nouveau Nokian Tyres Rotiiva AT Plus excelle sur l’asphalte, mais se prête aussi à une utilisation hors route modérée et offre une très bonne durabilité. Le nouveau mélange de la bande de roulement assure une durée de vie plus longue. La disposition ré-optimisée et le soutien des pavés de la bande de roulement ainsi que les épaulements plus agressifs améliorent la stabilité de conduite. Polyvalent, le Rotiiva AT Plus est spécialement conçu pour une utilisation intensive sur les camionnettes et les pick-up.

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Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
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Rotiiva AT Plus

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La note 4.4 repose sur les avis de 36 utilisateurs

Best tire I've had all through the year

fj1200 • 2 ans il y a

Using these on a 2003 Mitsubishi Shogun on and off road. I've used them for towing a horse trailer on road and often through muddy fields. They are quiet and responsive on the road, feel sure-footed in all weather conditions, and have good grip off road. I've had them 2 years and the tires just passed the 80% mark. Will buy again most definitely!

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Rotiva AT Plus - 2017 Sprinter 4x4, 3.0 diesel, load range E

LostInTheWilderness • 2 ans il y a

I am on my second set of Rotiiva AT Plus tires. I chose these tires because they offer an all around balance of on and off-road capability, excellent in heavy rain, are quiet, maintain good mileage, and have a snow bias, as opposed to a mud or more aggressive off-road tire which are not optimized for colder temperatures. The Rotiiva's have an Aramid/Kevlar sidewall which gives me confidence to air them down to 25/20lbs (normal 70 lbs rear, 50 lbs front) cruising through sand or rough, rutted, moderately rocky conditions at slow speeds. The 4x4 system on a Sprinter is split 65/35 rear/front with open differentials which has it’s limitations particularly in mud. So I am very conservative when it comes to mud. I have never gotten stuck in mud (in the Sprinter) and hope to keep it that way. I have driven in snow on and off road, including unplowed first tracks in six inches of fresh snow on a remote dirt road crossing over mountain pass from Death Valley with tread below 50%. I have previously owned Jeeps and an Audi that went 300k miles. The Audi with Dunlop Wintersport tires was invincible in snow on paved roads. The Rotiiva AT Plus tires with 4x4 engaged on the Sprinter are good in snow, but not the same level of confidence as the Audi - to be expected. This is one area where I wish they were a little stickier in the snow, but a high top van is a big animal, and I appreciate I can drive in the summer in opposite extremes and benefit from the performance of these tires in all the conditions I have described. Two final thoughts, these tires are excellent in the rain. I am driving a high top van and these tires nail it in heavy rain with windy conditions. I respectfully disagree with anyone that feels otherwise, and that is the case even when they are at 50% tread. These tires come with one of the deepest treads in an all terrain tire which gives them an edge in traction and longevity. Driving these hard year-round I kept them for a little about 40k miles. I replaced them at around 30% tread when they start getting noisy. I am buying these for traction, and a newer tire simply provides optimum performance. If Nokian Tyres can design a slightly more aggressive off-road tire, with a little improvement in snow and ice, that lasts, and gets the great gas/diesel mileage of the Rotiiva I would love it. In the meantime these are the all-around AT tire that work for me.

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Tire is as good on the road & it looks better than any other tire I have had in the past

Show Cars Unlimited • 2 ans il y a

On my 2002 Lincoln Continental 32 valve DOHC all aluminum engine, weighs 2800, same as a Mustang. Tires last very well - just keep air pressure according to tread wear. Very good looking tire, lots of compliments. Will not say how fast I go but feel safe out-running every Camaro and can beat most Mustangs. I’m actually buying a set of 315/70/17’s for my Jeep that I drive only on the street and I want the best looking tire I can find - having the armored sidewalls feature on the tires is nice. And yes I blow doors off Challengers with my Wrangler JL, it really freaks people out seeing a fast Jeep. I also have a Mustang Cobra clone that the tire size I run Nokian Tyres does not make. Sure wish they did … I love these Rotiiva’s! I will never buy anything else (except only when they do not make the size I need). I’m on FB (Philip McGugin) and was picked Best Outstanding Car Builder Painter in America in 1997 by the International Show Car Association, and won 2 Custom Car Hall of Fame Awards and too many other awards to count. So I know a little about cars and trucks. I built and painted the show truck, “Financial Assault “ later named “ Big Daddy’s Toy“ which won 1st Place Outstanding at the Truck Nationals and was picked as cover and fold out article of November 1997 Sport Truck Magazine.. maybe 1998 (I’m 69 now and forget numbers)... it had a Corvette engine, trans and rear end. It’s on my FB page among other work of mine .. yes I brag .. but I also brag about these tires.

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Rotiva AT Plus - 99 Ford F-250 Super Duty

mteel2745 • 2 ans il y a

I purchased a set of four in summer of '21 to run year round on my Ford Diesel. Traction is excellent in all conditions and handling is stable as it should be. I have now purchased a second set of Rotiva AT Plus for a '20 Ford F-150 for Spring-Summer-Fall use.

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Not for towing on a 2500 truck.

HandyAndy • 3 ans il y a

Less than 4000km on tires, already lost 30% of tread. Just melting away.

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Tough, Long Lasting, Great Grip (1-ton diesel dually)

WV oilfield • 3 ans il y a

Had two sets on a Chevy Duramax diesel Dually 1-ton 4wd. I’ve recorded an average of 48,500 miles / set. First set, 55,000 miles with tire rotation & alignment. Second set, no alignment nor any tire rotation, basically abused them, still got over 42,000 miles. All hauling oilfield hotshot, heavy trailer towing. Great grip in mud or snow. Superb tires!

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Great All Weather Truck Tire - Especially in Winter

Tauno • 3 ans il y a

I've run Rotiiva ATs as well as the prior version the Vatiivas on my last two trucks. Very happy with them in a variety of on and off road conditions in MN. Excellent winter traction for an all weather tire, very good off road capabilities and only minor road noise which is expected for an AT tire. I keep trying to find something better and keep coming back to Nokians.

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excellent all weather tire

JG2020 • 4 ans il y a

This is the second set of Nokian tires that we have had. I put these on a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500. We live in northern Wisconsin and spend quite a bit of time in the U.P. of Michigan. We can expect to have some snow 6 months out of the year. These have outstanding traction and very little road noise. I've had them on for 5 months (through one winter) and they have performed wonderfully. I would certainly but them again.

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Annoyed • 4 ans il y a

I bought the first set a year ago and everything was fantastic, felt like a new truck. I drive this 72 Jimmy in the winter so it sits idle during summer. This year I get it on the road and they are flatspotted . The dealer contacts Nokian and doesn't hear from them for a week, the rep. told him I could get a new set at half price. These tires are worse than the previous set and now I have a $1000+ sunk in these things . I may buy their winter tires, but I WILL NOT buy another type of Nokian tyre- EVER.

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not impressed

tinbasher • 5 ans il y a

I bought these to run year round on my Silverado 1500, i do a lot of dirt road driving and they are rock magnets! it sounds like I have studded tires and they don't eject them, even at highway speeds. in the winter I found them to be down right horrible, I've run 3 other winter rated A/T's over the years and the rotiva's are the worst winter tires by far(I've since got them siped and they are way better). these tires are best suited for pavement use

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